Alphacomm Group, founded in 1997, is focused on the marketing & sales of innovative products and services. In the over 15 years of history it has started multiple highly succesful companies. Core values of Alphacomm are challenger, innovative, secure, highly scalable and a reliable. Alphacomm focus is on customers in the utility, banking, medical telecom, content and retail business. At this moment Alphacomm Group has 3 daughter companies doing over 40 million in revenue.

Alphacomm Outbound Solutions

Alphacomm Outbound Solutions provides a state-of-the-art multi-channel messaging platform, based on High Definition Voice, Text-to-Speech, SMS and e-mail. Features such as sophisticated voicemail detection, data enrichment and media flows are integrated and result in highly effective, automated and targeted communication. With over 25 years of communication experience in-house, the platform is trusted and used by major many credit management organizations, hospitals and the government. More info, click here

Alphacomm Prepaid Services

Alphacomm Prepaid Services is leading in base management, online top-up and topup apps. Our redundant and PCI certified platform generates, validates and distributes top-ups and digital content like games and music to thousands of end users every day. Our channels support a wide range of payment methods that are safe and secure, eliminating fraud risk for our customers to zero. More information, click here.

Alphacomm Energy Solutions

Utility brands from concept to launch and beyond

Alphacomm Energy Solutions offers enabling services to companies interested to start their own energy company. In addition the company offers smart meter usage information via App´s, API´s and webinterfaces. For more information click here