Checkmaxx – Maximize profit for high risk digital goods

With Checkmaxx, resellers can offer companies that sell high risk digital goods & services an end-to-end e-commerce solution that increases revenue and boosts customer loyalty. 

In this series, we introduce our services and explain the ins and outs including what they can do for your customer’s businesses. 


What is Checkmaxx?

Checkmaxx, is a powerful tool that increases revenue and boosts customer loyalty for companies that sell high risk digital goods & services; from telecom, gaming and gift cards to prepaid credit cards. 

When it comes to customer retention, Checkmaxx is unmatched. Our focus on providing easy, user-friendly experiences makes Checkmaxx the ideal platform for companies looking to increase their revenue by reducing customer churn. In addition to making the online purchase of digital goods a secure and seamless process, Checkmaxx allows businesses to further increase customer engagement and loyalty by offering incentives like exclusive content, discounts and rewards in ways that cannot be done in brick & mortar stores.

Checkmaxx use cases 

Each business has its own unique set of challenges. Similarly, their customers also have their preferences which can differ by product category or user demographics. Checkmaxx is a flexible solution that can suit various business and consumer needs, regardless of industry, whether it’s gaming, mobility & transport, mobile top-up, energy, entertainment, gambling, online shopping or digital gifting. 

The following are examples of use cases for which Checkmaxx can be implemented:

  • Vouchers, gift card and game cards 

For businesses selling redeemable codes, it is important that users order their vouchers, gift cards or game cards as easily as possible and receive them in the most convenient manner as well. Checkmaxx’s voucher delivery options include SMS, e-mail as well as webpage, app, IVR, smart speakers, social delivery (sent via picture or video) and chatbot conversations. 

  • Direct top-up

This is when the end user buys prepaid credit or tops up a prepaid credit card, and the value is directly added to the user’s balance. Direct top-up can be implemented via various channels, including webpage, mobile app, smart devices like Alexa or Google Home, by having users scan a QR code, via IVR menus and even through a conversation with a (WhatsApp) chatbot.  

  • Automatic top-up

For many users, it’s useful to just place a standing order for recurring top-ups. This way, they wouldn’t need to go through the process of topping up whenever they ran low on credit. For businesses, e.g. mobile operators, this means they can have prepaid users become more postpaid-like. Users can set up recurring top-ups in various ways:

  • MRC: Monthly recurring
  • DOM: Day of the month
  • Low balance: If balance sinks under x-euro, then top-up with y-euro

Checkmaxx features and add-ons

As a reseller, you’ll be able to offer your customers, easy, user-friendly online checkout experiences that convert as well as first-class technical support for issues and feature requests.

We offer both resellers and their customers a top-notch dashboard for access to data like conversion ratios, new and returning customers, channel, average product value and more.

As a fully customizable solution, Checkmaxx can also be enhanced with:

  • Secure payment processing
  • Anti fraud protection
  • Detailed business intelligence reporting
  • Marketing Tools
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) options
  • Industry-specific user experiences

Trusted by leaders

Our solution is trusted by the world’s leading brands. Congstar, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile, KPN, Telefónica, China Telecom, O2, Ortel, Tesco and Vodafone are successfully using Checkmaxx in select markets.

More information on Checkmaxx?

For more information on Checkmaxx, feel free to contact Lourens Badenhorst. As the Checkmaxx Product Owner at Alphacomm, Lourens is looking forward to helping you with any questions you might have regarding our top-up platform. 

alexa prepaid top-up alphacomm

Alphacomm introduces prepaid top-up via Alexa

ROTTERDAM, 14 May 2020 – Alphacomm launches prepaid top-up via Alexa voice assistants. The innovative service is being offered through its licensed reseller Alphacomm Solutions. The new top-up channel enables customers to purchase mobile credit by stating voice commands.

With top-up via Alexa, Alphacomm introduces a new level of convenience in the prepaid industry. Top-up via voice assistant simplifies a monotonous task that all prepaid users have come to dread.

After a short and simple initial setup, the user states the desired amount of credit and chooses which payment card to charge for the top-up. The extra credit is instantly added to their account. The entire conversation between the user and Alexa can be as short as two sentences.

Compared to web-based top-up, using voice commands eliminates the need to click through complicated checkout processes. Moreover, the hands-free experience enables prepaid customers to top-up while multitasking. Whether it’s doing chores, driving, or even while preparing a meal.

The silent rise of voice assistants

The use of voice assistants is projected to grow significantly in the years to come. In 2019, it was estimated that, worldwide, 3.25 billion voice assistants were in use. According to research, that number is projected to reach 8 billion by 2023. Indeed, soon there will be more voice assistants than people.

Part of what makes ‘voice’ so popular in Europe is the high level of investments in IoT, the availability of advanced infrastructure and the increasing accessibility of the technology. Prepaid top-up customers don’t need to own a physical Amazon device for top-up to work. To chat with Alexa, they need only install Alexa on their own phones.

Voice assistants are speaking up

Though voice recognition technology has been around for quite some time, the new class of voice assistants combine the use of cognitive technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide a very intuitive and natural user-friendly experience. As voice assistants take off and become ever more widespread, telecommunication companies across Europe would be wise to offer customer care through this new and innovative customer service channel.


Alphacomm offers best-in-class prepaid top-up solutions and is one of the leading payment services providers in the world. With offices in Rotterdam, Kleve, London and Sibiu, Alphacomm supplies resellers with solutions that maximize earnings and reduce payment fraud.